My intention for 2008: to live in gratitude 1

Christmas 2005 photos 011I made a resolution and an intention for 2008. The intention is the higher goal, the filter I’ll use to make decisions (“will this action/purchase/choice help me to live in gratitude?”). I would suppose that the resolution would be more along the lines of a tactic or an action plan. I made them in the right order (intention first, resolution second), though I am writing about them in backwards order.

My intention for 2008 is to live in gratitude. I’ve already started writing gratitude-themed posts (such as my post about the people that were my personal highlights of 2007). Gratitude makes my life better, some folks recognize it is as useful as meditation. Gratitude resets my mood by giving me practice in positivity, and it reminds me to embrace the people and the events and the things that matter to me, that make me happy. And embracing these things increases my connection to them, a happy spiral.

When I’m losing my mind, I withdraw. I’ve always done this. In high school I’d leave the table with my friends and go sit next to my locker, and like it. And after several days of this, I’d feel sad to be alone, neglected, and a bit resentful. Gratitude helps me break out of my self-imposed withdrawl.

When I’m losing my mind, I get critical of myself and of others. I want myself and others to be what we’re not, and in these moments I forget to appreciate all that I am, all that others are. Gratitude helps me reconnect to how things are, not how I want them to be.

So, I’ll be posting each week on gratitude to help me keep it in mind and to deepen my understanding of the practice.

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  • Edward Vielmetti

    I ask my kids every night what was the nicest thing that happened to them today. Saul almost always answers “mama’s yummy dinner”.

    There’s something to be said for routine.

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