Customer Service: A Name, My Name, is Important 1

I have a difficult name – the first and the last names are unfamiliar. I haven’t met another Dunrie, and the only Greilings I have ever met are relations. People mess up the spelling, they don’t know how to hear it, they think Dunrie is my last name a lot and ask for my first […]

rose teacup and saucer


Next-Generation Goals 1

I’ve been swimming to get my cardio and to strengthen and stretch. I used to swim laps for exercise in college and grad school, and I got back to it in the last few years as a way to work on my back and get in better shape. When I started swimming laps again, I […]


Lesson learned, again, data is helpful 1

A little data is a beautiful thing. I’ve been on the Board of Directors of the Princeton Club of Michigan for the last several years. Although I live in Ann Arbor, I’ve traveled to Birmingham, Novi, Detroit, and elsewhere for meetings. In my time on the board, we have not held an event in the […]

Yoga retreat in Sonoma – hip relief for my Scoliosis

I have been a “distant student” of Elise Browning Miller’s for years. She teaches Iyengar yoga, with a keen sense of how to adjust to accommodate for and unwind scoliosis. She is based in the Bay Area, and Elise travels the continent teaching yoga for back care and yoga for scoliosis. I have traveled to […]

Quick sketch of four of the five poses for relief of hip pain in scoliosis.