Customer Service: Actions “behind the scenes” matter to customer experience

What is your team doing when they aren’t “customer-facing?” Hint, it influences the customer experience too. There is a fancy grocery in Ann Arbor where I sometimes shop (and that will go unnamed). Generally, the folks here are friendly at the cash registers and at the cases where I order seafood, meat, or prepared food. Yet, I’ve […]


rose teacup and saucer

Customer Service: A Name, My Name, is Important 2

I have a difficult name – the first and the last names are unfamiliar. I haven’t met another Dunrie, and the only Greilings I have ever met are relations. People mess up the spelling, they don’t know how to hear it, they think Dunrie is my last name a lot and ask for my first […]

Next-Generation Goals 1

I’ve been swimming to get my cardio and to strengthen and stretch. I used to swim laps for exercise in college and grad school, and I got back to it in the last few years as a way to work on my back and get in better shape. When I started swimming laps again, I […]


Uncertainty as a superpower

Webstock ’14: Liz Danzico – The Fringe Benefits of Quitting from Webstock on Vimeo. Themes for me: Creativity lives within uncertainty. What will you leave behind to find your next big thing? Entrepreneurs are not necessarily those who doggedly pursue a single idea, sometimes they adjust course and flex. Found this video via Rands in Repose.

Lesson learned, again, data is helpful 1

A little data is a beautiful thing. I’ve been on the Board of Directors of the Princeton Club of Michigan for the last several years. Although I live in Ann Arbor, I’ve traveled to Birmingham, Novi, Detroit, and elsewhere for meetings. In my time on the board, we have not held an event in the […]