Marketing Management for Life Science and Technology Companies

Marketing management is a challenge for small- and medium-sized life science and technology companies. While larger organizations can afford a marketing team, smaller organizations need a single employee or contractor who can do everything required to find and connect with customers.

Invisible Pink Unicorn black

Unicorn: A fictional animal; a marketing employee or contractor who can do it all.

Finding and managing marketing employees is difficult. Successful marketing requires sorting through updates and trends and prioritizing how to spend limited resources, especially time. A marketer with all of the skills required to set up a website, make sure it is visually distinct from the competition, fill it with compelling prose, graphic, and video content, market it via organic search, paid search, and social, and then monitor progress is a unicorn. Unicorns who have mastered the entire landscape are hard to find and harder to retain.

Small life science and technology companies waste their time seeking unicorns. My recommendation is not to search harder for unicorns. Instead, consider a set of part-time resources to accomplish your goals.

Let Me Help

Finding and managing the marketing team is its own full-time job. Let me do it for you! And if you are the marketing team, let me coach you.

Why Scientific Ink

I am an organizer with a background in science and systems-thinking. I co-wrote a book on Internet marketing. I have managed marketing projects, budgets, and relationships with clients and vendors from within organizations and externally as the chief operating officer of a marketing agency.  Through my over a decade in this field, I have gained a professional network of writers, designers, coders, videographers, SEO rock-stars, and SEM wizards.

Let me help your company navigate the confusing world of website optimization companies, offers, services, and how-to articles. Don’t choose your website provider based on a TV ad. Don’t get stuck in a dead-end platform. I can help you make choices that provide your business with a strong base—choices that will require less rework for you and your company going forward, choices that will give you ongoing, positive relationships with prospects and customers.

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