Word to the Wise: Stamp out End-Runs

Anyone who has talked with me about my approach to structuring and managing teams and companies has likely heard me talk up EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System. We used a great EOS coach, Duane Marshall, at a prior employer. I have learned a lot from Duane and from Gino Wickman’s books about how to focus on the right […]

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Gaming the System: have we reached peak customer experience survey? 2

Surveying the customer seems like a good idea to find out ways to improve. Yet, I’ve been on the receiving end of customer experience surveys that show me we’re doing it all wrong. Anyone who has purchased a car or who has had their car serviced recently by a car dealership is likely aware of the […]

Customer Service: Actions “behind the scenes” matter to customer experience

What is your team doing when they aren’t “customer-facing?” Hint, it influences the customer experience too. There is a fancy grocery in Ann Arbor where I sometimes shop (and that will go unnamed). Generally, the folks here are friendly at the cash registers and at the cases where I order seafood, meat, or prepared food. Yet, I’ve […]


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Customer Service: A Name, My Name, is Important 3

I have a difficult name – the first and the last names are unfamiliar. I haven’t met another Dunrie, and the only Greilings I have ever met are relations. People mess up the spelling, they don’t know how to hear it, they think Dunrie is my last name a lot and ask for my first […]

Next-Generation Goals 1

I’ve been swimming to get my cardio and to strengthen and stretch. I used to swim laps for exercise in college and grad school, and I got back to it in the last few years as a way to work on my back and get in better shape. When I started swimming laps again, I […]