Michigan Biotech: MichBio Growth Summit – February 2016   Recently updated !

Industry association MichBio organized yesterday’s bio-industry growth summit in Lansing. This Michigan biotech event featured national and regional leaders, including legislators (agenda here). Michigan Biotech Roadmap for Success MichBio also launched their Michigan Bio-Industry Roadmap for Success. This roadmap was developed through interviews, focus group, surveys, and comparison to peer states. Event attendees received a print copy […]

Table of Contents - Michigan Bio-Industry Roadmap for Success


Gone Back to School   Recently updated !

I’ve gone back to school, college actually. I’m pulling down the shingle here at Scientific Ink for the next several months. I’ve taken a position at Washtenaw Community College – I will be Interim Executive Director of Marketing & Web Services through January 2016. This new position will keep me busy enough that I will […]

Word to the Wise: Stamp out End-Runs

Anyone who has talked with me about my approach to structuring and managing teams and companies has likely heard me talk up EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

We used a great EOS coach, Duane Marshall, at a prior employer. I have learned a lot from Duane and from Gino Wickman’s books about how to focus on the right things, what to ignore, and how to get things done.

I like this short video on how to stamp out communication circuits that undermine the structure of a company. I have been guilty of avoiding the difficult conversation by going indirectly, and I’ve seen the consequences when I’ve been circumvented. Never good. At best, it just wastes cycles by having a conversation without the right people gathered together. At worst, it undermines key relationships and pulls the team apart. So much simpler to just stop it in its tracks.

Listen to Mark Winters, co-author with Gino Wickman of Rocket Fuel, explain how to avoid end-runs around managers and integrators.

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Gaming the System: have we reached peak customer experience survey? 2

Surveying the customer seems like a good idea to find out ways to improve. Yet, I’ve been on the receiving end of customer experience surveys that show me we’re doing it all wrong. Anyone who has purchased a car or who has had their car serviced recently by a car dealership is likely aware of the […]

Customer Service: Actions “behind the scenes” matter to customer experience   Recently updated !

What is your team doing when they aren’t “customer-facing?” Hint, it influences the customer experience too. There is a fancy grocery in Ann Arbor where I sometimes shop (and that will go unnamed). Generally, the folks here are friendly at the cash registers and at the cases where I order seafood, meat, or prepared food. Yet, I’ve […]